Saturday, May 25, 2002

hoi hehe... i havent used this in a very long time hehe! well i g2g now! im too sad to type! byebyez.. ~JaneLLe

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Okae! What the fuggies! I'm so0o sick right now! It feaLz aWWfuL! Man there's to much green snot up mah fucking nose!!! AhHh!!! I wanna go out!!! And now I have a headache! What the heLLies, is going on! I'm supposed to get sick when we have skewL! Not on the weekends! Dayum!! I'm stiLL in mah pj's can you beLieve it...? whOa!...ah...ah...cheW!!...*SnEeZe*.. mUCH Lub! *cough* JaNeLLe
HeLLo! I'm New to this so if someone couLd just heLp me & teLL me what to do! Haha! Ne waiz! Im bored! So imma go now! Lataz!